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Standing guard over the general Whunapossel-city area.

Mainly using low-key nuclear enhancements to improve bodily functions. These kind of enhancements generate mutations and sickness. Life expectancy is shortened.

However, they prolong life by using cryo chambers and chemicals. The combination sets the subject in either a daze or a softened rage.

the Kyshtim militia listen to the instructions of an individual known as -the kraken of kysthim- or -the false sqiud-.  

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-the kraken of kysthim- or -the false sqiud-. A Mutated being, once said to be human who went by the name of Dave 


mutated and transformed by years and years, aeons even of exposure to 

nuclear science and energy. swelling, bloating and growing 

appendage, swelling on 

top of another.

Resulting in it’s current massive shape. That brings resemblance to a deformed kraken-like creature. 

The kraken of Kyshtym is the undisputed ruler of the Kyshtym-rebels.

Because of his size he prefers to remain on one location. and giving 

instructions to his most trusted followers. 

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The Kyshtim rebel militia started out as a small-scale group of people that intended to increase immunity to radioactivity.

Since A large portion of the world’s surface suffers from high radioactivity. The only way to live freely is by immunity to the effects of radiation. To this end some people started to expose themselves to radioactivity in an attempt to become immune. 

As a consequence they became radioactive themselves and ‘infected’ a lot of their loved ones and neighbours with radioactivity. 

They require frequent medical treatment and medication to stabalize their condition.

After the destruction of the whunapossel-rebel encampments and defeat of the Agorom-rebels that controlled the area, the surviving members of the Agorom-rebels hired the Kyshtym as a means to reïnforce their position. Offering them medical treatment for their military services.

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Native to the Agorom area, this rebel movement has been around for ages.

Their main center of operations is in Whunapossel-city

Members of the Agorom rebel group try to create better living conditions for themselves. The focus of their agresion being the ruling class.

this rebel movement invests a lot in re-creating old technologies or using discarded mechanical parts to create something that helps progress their goals.

harvesting bots are a pretty common sight in the Agorom-area.

Gliders-bikes are an especially popular means of transportation.

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A cult devoting their lives to Rhamnousia, the balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of justice.

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Pale skin and drowsy eyes, marked by morphine abuse and branded with their sigil. Anxious, ecstatic, scared and frantic.

Blessed by their master and guru these morphine kids are a small group of people that have learned to materialise elements from their hallucinations and Morphine induced dreams into reality.

Trained in the ancient arts of morphine abuse and controlled breathing. Their Guru lives in a perpetual state of hallucination. Eyes rolling around, her mind continually on the brink of melting down. She has crawled from junkie filled gutters to the head of the most influential underground organisation.

Physically influencing the large area in her surroundings, materialising, without effort her hallucinations into reality.

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A sentient race of bubbly creatures with tentacles for legs, arms and a head resembling octopi.

These creatures have a strong connection to a god-like energy or entity and space-time itself. They receive a continuous flow of premonitions and visions.

They are however tragically confused about how to interpret them. As a unified people they spend ages and timeless effort into deciphering these premonitions and visions. However they always seem to overcomplicate or misinterpret them. Resulting in a 99% failure of actually predicting the future.

"they are fun to have around, but quite useless."

The only way to get the unfiltered information is either by overhearing them talk in their sleep or directly linking oneself to their spiritual core.

Linking to their brain would not help, since their brain is the cause of all the confusion they have.

They often react surprised, even tho they know everything that wil happen before it happens.

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Get to know more about the story and setting of jormuwagüllandr!

Dive into the lore, get to know what's going on behind the scenes or just look at some of the artwork!

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